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Last weekend I witnessed ‘A Day in the Life’ of a super-connector friend of mine. In those 24 hours, she attended work meetings, met friends for board games and drinks, came on a hike with us, video called friends around the world, connected with her extended family and more. This post is not about how well she manages her time but about how she views the world and makes herself fully present. She told me her dream is to connect all the people in her life and match the ones who need help with the ones who can help. She deeply invests into her relationships because she draws energy from it.

At the dinner table, she was talking to another classmate of mine about how they hadn’t been in touch in a long time. At some point, they talked about creating an Excel sheet to keep a tab on everyone from our batch.

Now I get that not everyone aspires to live like that. It struck me as impersonal and draining, but it led me to think about how organizations use CRMs to nurture relationships with prospects and customers. It may feel awkward to think about your friends and family similarly. But set that value judgment aside for a moment. People love to be more present, aware, consistent, and thoughtful in their relationships.

It’s up to the individual what they do with a relationship management tool. It is impossible to ignore the context and reminders that CRMs provide for nurturing relationships. Personal CRM was an intriguing problem statement to build on Notion.

Presenting the Personal CRM

Over the weekend, I spoke to some friends (introverts and extroverts) and recorded the most frequent requirements. I prioritized the most feasible and valuable ones and then pulled up the basic template on Notion.

Using formula fields and rich content within the page, I introduced few minimal yet powerful upgrades.

This is what a couple of users had to say:

I do not have a strong memory. Personal CRM power-up is a lifesaver when I want to recollect my friend’s children’s names and birthdays.

I am much more present in the conversations with my friends now.

Head over to Minimal Cave, check the template out, and DM me with your feedback. I’d love to upgrade this with your feedback and even hear about how you customize it further.

Template Visual

Visit Minimal Cave to learn more and download the template.

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