Thoughts on GrowthX Demo Day as the audience

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A well spent Sunday afternoon attending the GrowthX demo day!

I got a glimpse today into

  1. the future of Indian entrepreneurship
  2. how infectious the optimistic energy in a community can be
  3. related to 2 + a hunch -> why DAO values will be core to innovations in the future

GrowthX is a closed community of top operators & founders looking to accelerate their careers & companies. They run an intensive and practical 8-week cohort based learning program to help members understand & practice the end-to-end lifecycle of Product Growth. All my friends who’ve gone through the program swear by the community.

They hold a demo day at the end of each cohort to showcase the capstone projects of 3 top performing groups. This Sunday, the winning groups presented the Growth models for MailerLite,, and Ditto insurance. Here are some of my broad takeaways:

Features may get commoditized, instead…

  • reimagine the problem & the world
  • think of non-linear growth channels (strategic partnerships, content loops, etc.)
  • always think how can you give before getting

A framework to think through the growth problem:

  • clearly articulate the problem (most critical step)
  • define the product, user, and market
  • think through the Growth model & make funnel level bets (acquisition, onboarding, retention, engagement, retention & monetization)

Pick a few bets & go deep

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The community seems smart, driven, and ambitious yet genuinely warm and welcoming. Fresh cohort starts every 8-10 weeks.

Apply to GrowthX here (not an affiliate).

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