Many schools and colleges were quick to move online with their classes during the COVID-19 linked lockdown. But, the transition was not smooth for all students. Any student with access to the internet should be able to continue their true learning without stress. In fact, a recent global Ipsos survey expects higher education to be administered mostly online in 5 years.

About Open Learn India

This crowdsourced catalog of resources hopes to leverage freely available open online content, that can supplement the student’s formal curriculum.

While there is high-quality educational content available today on the internet, a pressing issue that a common student faces is deciding on the relevant course. This is not an easy task given the hours of new content coming up on the web each day. At Open Learn India, a community of Open Learning enthusiasts loosely map high-quality education content with the Indian education curriculum, to make the process of selecting the course simple.

The idea is to get the student to spend more time learning and less time anxious and unsure about where to start.


The courses are curated by Student and alumni volunteers from Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 colleges across North, South, East, West and Central India today. You can also contribute and join the Open Learning movement.

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